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Specialist Appliance Installation Services

Once you have bought your new appliance, you will probably want to get it up and running as quickly as possible, with the minimum of fuss.

From the moment your delivery has arrived, we take care of all of the details to give you complete peace of mind

We offer a wide range of Specialist Appliance Installation services that are designed to ease the burden of fitting a new or replacement appliance. From connecting your washing machine, reversing the doors on your fridge / freezer, installing a cooker or hob or disposing of the old appliance**, we are here to make life easy for you.

Select from the following installation services:

  • Freestanding washing machine or dishwasher installation (wet appliances)
  • Freestanding tumble dryer or refrigeration appliance installation
  • Integrated washing machine or dishwasher installation
  • Integrated tumble dryer or refrigeration appliance installation
  • Electric cooker installation – Freestanding or built-in
  • Electric / induction hob installation
  •  Cooker hood installation
  • Fridge / Freezer door reversal
  • Collection from a local retailer and delivery to your home*
  • Disposal of old appliance**

Please ensure that you have checked through the following before we arrive on site:

  • Is it possible to turn off your mains water?
  • Is there a suitable electric point within 1.5 metres?
  • If the new appliance is ‘under counter’ is there a gap to the floor of at least 87cm from the underside of the worktop?
  • For integrated appliances, the kitchen housing unit must be pre-constructed and of the appropriate size for the appliance
  • Is there a sufficient gap between any heat source e.g. cooker and the adjacent units or walls and that there are no combustible materials behind the appliance
  • That you have all necessary ducting accessories for your cooker hood and that the apertures are of the correct size.
  • That your new installation does not contravene the requirements of nearby appliances

Our promise to you

We will do everything possible to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service. Our engineers have many years of installation experience and have overcome many difficult situations. However, please remember that we are installation engineers, we are not carpenters and as such do not carry the necessary tools and materials to make major modifications to your kitchen.

The worst possible outcome is that during the installation, we damage your kitchen fascia. Our engineer will advise you if he believes that the task should be referred to a specialist carpenter, electrician or Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Accessory items

To help with the smooth installation of your appliance, our engineers carry many items that are frequently used during an installation. These can be purchased ‘on the day’ at competitive prices.

After we have left

Any installation that involves moving appliances and pipes can of course lead to strain being placed on the plumbing system. We check all connections for soundness whilst we are on site, but occasionally leaks can develop after we have left.

Should this occur, please turn off the water at the nearest point to the leak and call us immediately on the number below.


We hope that you enjoy our service and welcome your feedback or suggestions for improvement to [email protected]