Our Services

 We offer TV repair, kitchen appliance repair, washing machine & dishwasher repair & more. Our service area covers the Southwest including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset.

Please call to discuss your repair or make a booking. If we believe that a repair is likely uneconomic, we will advise you at the time.

Our appliance engineers are all qualified to the latest City & Guilds standards. They have undertaken additional specialist training on electrical safety and specific manufacturer-provided training where required.

TV Repair

We can assist with all common faults on the latest flat panel TVs, such as tuning, connectivity, power supply faults, board repairs, screen/panel exchanges, and backlight repairs.

Audio & Video Repair

Whilst modern AV equipment is highly reliable. Problems can arise with connectivity, hard discs and power units.

Refrigeration Repair

Common faults with refrigerators, freezers and combination units are usually related to the internal fans, ice/drinks makers, or cosmetic parts. Less often, a fault can occur in the control system, refrigeration circuit or compressor.

Oven & Microwave Repair

Ovens & hobs are becoming more complex and include sophisticated control systems. Ovens may include extra features such as steam or be combined with a microwave, and hobs could work with induction technology.

Our repair engineers are equipped with the skills necessary to resolve a fault in any part of your appliance in the most expedient way. 

Laundry Repair

Modern laundry equipment is becoming ever more complex. We will test your electrical circuit before commencing work, and PAT test your appliance after repair and before returning it to service.

Important: We will always check for leaks before leaving your property, but moving an appliance can disturb the plumbing or pipework. Please check for leaks over the 2-3 days following a repair.

Dishwasher Repair

Today’s dishwashers are as essential to a kitchen as the laundry or cooking appliances. Whilst usually having simpler control systems, a dishwasher is often integrated into the cabinet requiring specialist knowledge to complete a repair.


All of our technicians are trained and able to remove and/or install replacement appliances or televisions. Our installation service will ensure that your item is installed properly, safely and that it is connected to the appropriate user accounts and services.

We can offer this as a bespoke service, without the need for a repair. If you have a product to install, please call to discuss or make a booking.

Please note that we are unable to connect equipment to the internet or Wi-Fi network if the account details and passwords are not available to us at the time.

PAT Testing

PAT – or Portable Appliance Testing – is a combined visual and electrical check carried out by our experienced technicians to make sure your electrical appliances are safe to use.

All kitchen appliances are tested following a repair. This is not a legal requirement, but it does give peace of mind that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our work is safe.

We carry out a visual check, looking for everything from cracks or flaws in casing or insulation, to loose screws or connections. We then use a market-leading tester to carry out an internal check on the electrical appliance, and record the results.

We can offer this as a bespoke service, without the need for a repair. If you have an appliance that is in need of a test, please call to discuss or make a booking.

Which service is right for you?

Repairguys offer appliance repair and servicing in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Truro, Plymouth, Torbay, Exeter, Taunton, Bristol, Cardiff & Newport

In-home support

We can provide support within your home, helping you to resolve the day-to-day operational problems often experienced with modern equipment. We are proud of the personal care and attention which is offered to and valued by our customers. Follow-up visits and telephone support is provided for ongoing issues.

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Collect & return

If you live within our service area, it is sometimes more expedient to collect your product TV/DVD etc, take it to the workshop and complete the repair under workshop conditions.

There is no additional charge for this service, as the cost is included in the in-home inspection charge. The visiting engineer will advise if this is the best option for your repair. We will always contact you to make an appointment prior to returning your item.

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Drop-in to workshop

The workshop is always staffed during opening hours. If it is convenient, you can reduce the cost of your repair by bringing the item to the workshop and collecting it when it is ready. It is not necessary to make an appointment.

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